09 May, 2011

News clip from MingPao

Local Chinese newspaper has written the news of Matthew

on May 3, 2011

Here is the link

22 April, 2011

Thank You!

The Celebration of Matthew’s Life took place on April 20th, 2011 at Richmond Funeral Home at 10am. ‘Celebration’ is the word chosen by Matthew, as he wanted us to celebrate life, not sadness; Celebration - because April 20th was also Matthew’s birthday.

The ceremony was attended by over 200 friends and family. It began with prayers led by Father Qin; followed by readings of the Bible by Matthew’s beloved daughter, Olivia; and son, Leo. A compilation of photographs showing Matthew’s life was presented on screen; special tributes were made by Matthew’s friends Michael Day, David Chong, Kelly Ng from SUCCESS and Michael Li who represented Dr Albert Wong and colleagues from MCMIA (Hong Kong).

After paying the final respect, a reception was held in the lounge.

On April 21st, Matthew’s body was taken to Valley View Cemetery in Surrey to be cremated.

The family would like to express our sincere appreciations for all the well wishes, flowers and donations given by Matthew’s friends and relatives.

Special thanks also to Kathryn Tung who narrated the entire celebration, and to all the friends who helped with the preparation.

Thank you once again from Matthew's family

16 April, 2011

Celebration of Matthew's Life

To friends who would like to share the memories and tell stories to celebrate Matthew's life, a prayer service will take place on Wednesday, April 20th, 2011, at 10 a.m. at Richmond Funeral Home (8420 Cambie Road, Richmond, B.C., Canada)

Friends who live in different parts of the world or will miss the gathering may share your memories of Matthew at Life-O-Life.


Matthew Rests In Peace

God gifted Matthew this morning and let him rest peacefully on April 16th, 2011 at 5:05 a.m.

Thank you for all your prayers and support to us, no words can express enough gratitude.

Esther, Leo, and Olivia

24 March, 2011

Earthquake, Tsunami, Radiation and Cancer

It's been sometime since the last post. There were quite a few things happened during the time which shocked the world while I was in my new drug trial period.

In a nutshell, my condition is stable with a little improvement everyday (or at least I tried). The pain is under good management now, which is very important. The side effects are there but well tolerated. Eating is still an issue but thanks to Esther and my family, it has improved and I started to gain weight though slowly. Energy level is good and I have been reading more and stay awake more during the day. Although mobility is not in full scale, I am working on more out-of-the-house actitivites, e.g. Dim Sum lunch, etc. It's always nice to walk with your own two feet on the ground and run into people that you know in the street. You may want to know how is Mr Cancer doing with me lately. Consider that I am only about three weeks on the trial, it's too early to say one way or another. Or I would say, "it's more important to enjoy today, to enjoy NOW!" whatever the future holds, worrying today is a waste of time. I am sure by now, you know me well enough and you would agree with me without a blink in your eyes.

11th March is now a date for remembrance. At one point, I cannot even watch the TV to see the tsunami running through the houses and imagine those >20,000 people died or reported missing. That moment must be very hard for them to bear. Yesterday, there was a report about orphans of the event. The kids were playing among themselves, laughing and smiling innocently, while their parents are missing. A few of them may be lucky and join with their parents later when all things are settled. Most of them would need to survive on their own, in the rest of their life.

May God take good care of you, to fill you with courage and love! We are all attached to one another, and you shall never feel alone.

03 March, 2011

New Trial.... New Hope!?

The latest CT scan shows Mr Cancer has come back strongly and played very aggressively. He has taken my liver and spleen. He also filled most of my spines and pelvic bones, and caused me a number of new pain sites. Thanks to the professionals, we finally have the pain, more or less, under control and thus my quality of life at least can improve.

The world class oncologist at BCCA discussed the case in detail with me. We decided to stop the previous chemo treatment and immediately switched to a New Drug Trial. It's a newer generation of Erlotinib (Tarceva), which I have taken last year and responded well. The drug's name is Crizotinib, by Pfizer, coded PF804, or PF299. It's under the same group of the EGFR. Failing this drug, my oncologist is so motivating and encouraging to start telling me now that there will be another drug, by Boehringer Ingelheim (Afatinib). Clearly, it's one hope after next, and then next? Great it's a world filled with hope, isn't it?

In a nutshell, and not be confused with my today's situation: None of the established treatments work in my case and Mr Cancer has been back sometime and strongly. Though, I am now offered a new drug trial which apparently and possibly can do me some good (scientifically on paper). And like they say, keep your fingers crossed. Or I would prefer, keep your prayers for me! Thank you.

16 February, 2011

Progressing ... Slowly!

Today is the last session (of total 10 sessions) of my latest radiotherapy. The other treatment shall continue. The complication on my swallowing and other issues are making improvement, but slowly. Esther and I met with more doctors and it is apparent that among the doctors we received different, and sometime even conflicting messages and reasons of what happened. I went as far as the Internet can go, and without exhausting myself at this critical stage of recovery (as the priority remains on my cancer and body health), all I can say is my knowledge in this direction has increased and provided me more food for thoughts.

Pain is still under control, which is crucial. Food quality, hydration intake, and daily activities and quality increased, except that blood pressure is little low and special caution is needed in getting up and even the speed of walking around.

Families, friends and relatives are still providing their prayers which are continuously needed and please keep them coming. The road ahead will surely take more, or even much more than expected, require and consume more effort and energy. As long as the head is up and spirit is strong, and confident in yourself, no matter what, we shall walk tall and destiny is always certain. No matter how slow the progress may be, the process is more important for us to live through, and better to enjoy. Believe me, I do understand, I really do, it's easy said than done, then yet, it won't harm to at least try another time, walk a further step, and even if we failed trying, what else are we losing in the trying process? Then, why not try?